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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Match Made In Heaven

Wedding December 4th
I wanted to share this with you personally because you have waited, have ENDURED with me for so long that I thought you deserved the honour of hearing it one on one. Still I hope you can still experience the same joy electronically...Here goes...

It was a challenging summer in Russia, I was eaten alive by parma flies, hot, with swollen feet, oozing sores, dirty, no shower for days, tired and irritable...and still I experienced the blessing of seeing God reach down to touch orphans with His precious good news of love and gentleness. Now it's September and our faithful God has done the same for me. He has reached down and showered me with so much love, and so much blessings...17 years later, in september.

He shook me awake after an ordinary evening's dinner and an after-dinner nap. "Come Kimmi," he said, and I was disoriented because he was dressed in a beautiful black suit. Were we supposed to go somewhere? Did I forget something? Was he leaving--going somewhere? He led me to the garden and there was a pathway of candelight, beginning with a simple heart lamp hanging in a tree. Then down the path through a haven of trees, I saw a table covered in white, with white orchids, rose sparkling cider, plates of chocolate, and two branches. He led me to a white fur covered chair and seated me. I sat in a daze waking up slowly, but clearly-- this was no dream--my eyes taking in the small tealights all around the bushes. The sound of the champagne stopper was loud against the still quietness of the night air. I sat up; my senses alert, yet staring widely as he got on one knee, extended a small gold box toward me and asked in finnish: "Kim, will you be my wife?" The gentle sincerity in his voice and the quiet joy lighting his eyes left me speechless. I covered my face with my hands and cried, and he waited silently. Then I looked at him and answered, "J, I would be honoured to be your wife." He presented me with the small gold box and when I opened it, he put the ring on my finger and I put the ring on his. Then he covered my hands in his and prayed for God's blessing on us and for our future. The strength, confidence and authority in his tone left me whispering over and over the only words that I could add to his prayer--"Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord, thank you."

He helped me to stand up and we hugged. "Look Kimmi at the stars!" he pointed. There were so many, and the leaves all around in the light seemed magical, heavenly. As I looked up I immediately remembered God's faithful promise to Abraham...a promise still being answered today--"so shall your descendants be." We danced to the background music--a shared favourite...'I belong to you'....and we kissed.
So now we are officially engaged. And me, i'm so calm.

Still the girl in me asks: "Do you see me married Jesus? short sleeves or long? I love you."

Dear sisters, I would like to thank you for patiently encouraging me through the years. And thank you for standing with me in your prayers.
God is truly so faithful!

Love and many hugs,
kim 'not for long' o'****